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  • KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 4 for Pinto

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 4 for Pinto

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 4 But it can help you have a great holiday season  All you have to do is install the KHE-300 and let the holiday music flow out of your speakers. Every time you head out in your car you can pick up your spirits by...

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  • Custom AutoSound USA-230 for Pinto

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 for Pinto

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 for Pinto Our Custom Autosound USA-230 in Dash AM/FM for Pinto arrives with more active features than its predecessors. Design wise it is available in chrome or black face and can easily lift up the internal appearance of your...

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Pintos get no respect 

They are the Rodney Dangerfield of cars. Even though they can be good vehicles to own, this subcompact does not get a lot of respect in the car world. The respect goes to Cadillacs, Lincolns, Rolls Royce, and similar cars. 

Except from Vintage Car Radio. That audio shop gives the Pinto the same respect it gives those finer and more expensive machines. They stock great radios for all the cars on the road even the lowly Pinto. 

No Cutting or modifying needed 

The radios they stock for the Pinto also do not damage to the car or its dashboard area. They can custom fit the radio into your Pinto without making a mess, ruining the interior of the car’s lines. 

That is great news for those Pinto owners who keep their subcompact in showroom shape. The other good news is that those radios can be installed with some top features that make your time in your Pinto seem like you are riding in a Mercedes. 

Their radios come with Bluetooth capability which allows you to connect your other music sources easily. Or you can play the AM FM radio and get the local news and weather when you need it. Along with some great commercial music sounds. 

If that isn’t enough to convince you to try Vintage Radio for your replacement then maybe the fact you can play CDs through their units will. 

Get Some Respect 

For you and your Pinto by having one of the Vintage Car Radio install one of their top radios into your vehicle. The sound will be just as good and you have a lot of freedom to play the music you love to listen to.

All it takes is a phone call or a visit to our store to get an estimate and see what they have to offer you.