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  • KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 27

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 27

    KHE-300-USB    Do you own a classic/vintage Chevy Impala? Have you had to try and cram a modern radio into a dash it just wans't built for? Do you want a radio that has the features of a modern radio, but still maintains the look and feel of...

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When god created the ultimate cruising vehicle he must have been thinking about the Chevrolet Impala. Maybe it was the long body, the sleek lines, the front and rear IFS, I don't know, but the Chevrolet Impala was one fine machine. The Impala started in the late '50s when the car world was crazy with fins and chrome but during the early '60s the Impala moved away from crazy look and got beautiful. The public was captivated by its lean but strong look. It didn't have anything to take away from its simple graceful look. One of the great things about the Chevrolet Impala was it was big but not too big. You could take the family on a nice long trip but it was also useful around town. Going to work in the Impala was a great thing and the lowrider/custom car crowd got a hold of the Impala and it took on a new life. Now the '60s Impala is considered an iconic lowrider. Got to any lowrider show and you'll see tons of Impala's everywhere. Now cruising in your Chevrolet Impala was a thing dreams are made of but when you're in a classic car and you moving down the boulevard you want to listen to some tunes. You want to have your favorite songs blaring out of your speakers but if you have the stock Impala radio, you will be let down majorly. The stock radio's reception was terrible and there was no power whatsoever. So what do you do? I think its time to move on over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the great line of Ken Harrison radios. You will not believe how good Ken Harrison radios sound. Its like angels singing in your car. So make your Impala everything it can be and get a Ken Harrison radio now from Vintage Car Radio.