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The Pontiac Bonneville was one of the bright spots in the Pontiac lineup. It covered the big luxury car niche and we mean big. It was built in the days when cars weren't hampered by gas mileage worries so a few extra hundred pounds never hurt. The Pontiac Bonneville was large and in charge. It was luxury personified and a dream to drive and ride in. The long wheelbase helped make it ride like it was on a cloud. Picture yourself getting all your friends together and hopping in the Bonneville and heading out to nowhere. You just pointed the Bonneville and took off down the road with not a care in the world, just you and your friends seeing the world. If you had the hardtop Bonneville, you could roll all the windows down, lean your arm on the door and just breathe in the freedom. The Pontiac Bonneville was a machine that just kept going and going. It was built with solid, simple parts and built with pride. If you wanted a luxury car that you could cruise around town, the Pontiac Bonneville was your ride.

As good as your classic ride looks, the sound system was lacking. They had speakers and bad radios just ruined a really nice classic ride. Sure in some of your rides you can listen to the hum or cackle of your engine but not everyone has a built up motor (which is sad). Well guess what, the great people at Custom Autosound have come to the rescue. They have the top of the line radio and speaker systems that will make your car sound so sweet. Its modern technology wrapped up in a factory appearing package. No one will even know you don't have the stock radio installed and even better is the installation and easy to follow instructions means no cutting of your dash. Seriously, if you've ever installed a radio before this will be as easy as riding a bicycle. Custom Autosound has done all the work for you. No more eight hour installs or cutting yourself trying to figure out how to jam that new radio into the stock dash. Also you won't have to hang it off the bottom of your dash because that's just ugly and why go through all the work when Custom Autosound has made it easy for you! They have high standards and only the best quality work gets released to you. Their radios go through rigorous testing before anything is made available to the public. Remember this is not just a reproduction radio; this is a complete revamp of the factory piece. This is modern craftsmanship and modern parts, so no more old dead bulbs since you get LED lights that will never need replacing. You can also hook up your CD or satellite device and hear all your favorite tunes that you want which means you don't have to slog through commercial after commercial on local stations. The music you want, when you want it and with perfect sound, you won't go wrong with a Custom Autosound system.