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Growing up in the '70s you had all sorts of stuff to keep you busy. Hot Wheels, lava lamps, what is now called classic rock (that is Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, KISS, etc.), Sting Ray bikes and jacked up street machines! Long rear shackles, air shocks, snorkel hood scoops, traction bars, Cragar Mags, mile high stance all made up the stereo typical '70s hot rod. Every high school parking lot had at least a couple versions and one of the most popular was the Chevrolet Nova. The Nova debuted in the '60s and made subtle changes through the years the '70s era was considered the classic Nova and when the street crowd got a hold them they took on a life of there own. They were loud and in your face just like every good street machine was. The great thing about the Nova was it ability to run a small block or big block Chevy engine with minimal hassle. Everybody wanted a Chevy Nova. Even if you had all the above on your Nova the best you could hope for sound wise was a bad aftermarket am/fm cassette player and some equally bad 6x9 speakers. This was the only downside to living in the '70s, bad radios. So what do you do if you have your dream Nova street machine but can't stand the radio? You get yourself to Vintage Car Radio and get that Nova out of the '70s! They carry all the latest and greatest sound systems at the best prices available. Vintage Car Radio only sells the the best quality radios from the best in the industry like Antique Automobile Radios, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, RediRad, Out of Sight Audio and Stereo Conversions. All of these radios install with ease and the sound is unbelievable. So get to Vintage Car Radio and your Nova in gear!