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Ken Harrison

In this great big world of ours there are some people who make it big and some who don't and that's OK. Some strive for more than the average person, they want a big house, big job and a big car. So you think those people would drive around in Cadillac's or BMW's, the big luxury cars of the day. But some really wanted more. They wanted bigger and better so the manufacturer's came up with something called the Executive. The Executive is generally a four door sedan that's just a bit bigger than the average car. Its kind of like a family car on steroids. Their bigger so they give you more room to stretch out and entertain all the big wigs. The Executive really took off with the higher money people and they just ate it up. It confirmed to them that they made it and made it really big. Now that you've made it in this world and you're rolling in your Executive you want to have the best that your car can offer. Its not enough just to be a big shot you want your car to have everything like a great ride and a great stereo system. The problem there is your average classic car just doesn't have enough oats to make it really worth the Executive. So what can you do? You get yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the line Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to exacting specifications that ensure you a long life for your system. Did I mention the sound? The sound is just amazing. Ken Harrison radios pride themselves on being the best sounding and the longest lasting radios in the industry. So get over to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio.