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The Chevy Nova's of the '60s and early '70s were often overlooked when it came to the muscle car era. They came with all the 'correct' parts needed for muscle car greatness, like big block engines, hi-revving small blocks, killer four speed transmissions and posi rear ends. They came in hard tops, convertibles and two door posts. They looked good and were beastly on the street and the track but yet you never hear as much about them now. Some of it was the cousin car, the Camaro that stole the spotlight. For whatever reason the Camaro became the darling of the media and the public. Everywhere you went, every magazine or newspaper you read there was the Camaro. It was considered the pinnacle of the Chevy muscle car, even more so than the Corvette. The Corvette always seemed a little too out of the price range of the average buyer so the Camaro fit that bill pretty well and again it had that little extra something that is so hard to put your finger on. So the Nova got shuffled aside even though it was just as capable as all the muscle cars out there. You could go to any drive in or drag strip and find the Nova dominating all the classes just as well as any other muscle car. So jack up your Nova, slam some gears and have some fun knowing that you're onto something just as good. But while you’re spinning your tires and looking good you know you could make it just a bit better, not that listening to that finely tuned engine isn't fun but sometimes you need some music. Music is the soundtrack to our lives and Custom Autosound can set you up right. So crank up your Custom Autosound system and have some fun.