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When someone drives a car, whether it’s a classic or just a daily driver, they sometimes forget all of the hard work that went into building it. You had everyone from the machinist to the welder to the guy sweeping the floors to keep things going in the right direction. Now the average person doesn’t even realize that each and every person involved the manufacturing of your car or truck had a home, family and a life besides building cars. Classic cars especially were built with two hands not computers and machines. The workers were proud to put out a product that the public would be amazed by. They literally put their blood, sweat and tears into each car. Now the sad thing is a lot of the classic car manufacturers are long gone, swept aside by the bigger companies or bad business decisions and with all of those companies going belly up thousands and thousands lost their jobs. Entire cities and communities went under because of the big factory in town closed its doors. Studebaker Car Company was one of those manufacturers that died a horrible death. They started in the early 20th century and put out some of the most beautiful cars and trucks ever produced. The Commanders, the Presidents, the Larks, all were completely different than the average car. They tried new things instead of just keeping with the status quo. Some designs were bold like the ‘bullet nose’ look and some weren’t as popular but Studebaker never sat still. Unfortunately like many companies they couldn’t hold up with the big three. No matter what they did it just didn’t work. So Studebaker closed its doors in the mid-‘60s. But Studies are still popular and if you need one, you have to have good tunes! So head on over to the Custom Autosound and keep that Studie rocking.