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Everybody wanted a muscle car in the '60s. The US was just coming out of the Korean War and things were supposed to be looking up. Every kid grew up seeing the first era of hot rodding and then the first 'muscle-type' cars like the Tri-five Chevies and early super stock class Fords. So when the GTO came out and the Mustang made its debut things were off and running. Big engines, lightweight cars made for some real fun on and off the strip. Basically, the muscle car era was guided towards the young driver but the middle age owner was right there too. The cars were sexy and had just the right look that caught the public's eye. Everyone could imagine themselves cruising in the car of their choice. The idea of the muscle car made the driver feel younger and ready to take on the world. But the lifestyle came with a cost. Actually it came with a big cost, as in purchase price plus the insurance costs were quite large as well. If you wanted to play with the big boys you had to pay the price. But what if you wanted to play but couldn't pay? Pontiac already had you covered with the Tempest. It had all the lines of the GTO and most of the power but a lot cheaper price. You could cruise all you want, even race with the big guns but still afford to own a house. Every Tempest was killer but it could always use an upgrade in the radio department and Custom Autosound can make your Tempest sound like million bucks. All of the Custom Autosound radio systems are built with the most modern technology. The fit in your stock dash and hook up with minimal work. The instructions are easy to read and the final outcome will blow your mind.