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Will fit most classic vehicles.

So you’ve got your classic ride ready to drive but your still missing a few things, those things are called accessories!  Vintage Car Radio has all the accessories you could ever want or need, from battery savers to Bluetooth accessories to LED lights.

Our classic car accessories will fit most classic vehicles.

So you’ve got your classic ride ready to drive but you're still missing a few things, those things are called accessories!  Vintage Car Radio has all the accessories you could ever want or need, from battery savers to Bluetooth accessories to LED lights.

Here are just a few examples of our Vintage and Classic Car Accessories:

If your 1955-56 Chevy doesn't have the original bracket for the dash speaker this unit will enable you to install a new speaker. Speaker is not included.

This is the Bluetooth® interface for Custom Autosound CD controller radios (USA-630, Secretaudio (SST & SRMS), USA-66). This adapter plugs into the CD changer port of your Custom Autosound radio and gives you the ability to do hands free calling from your Bluetooth capable phone. You can  also listen to music stored on your A2DP enabled Bluetooth device. If you have a CD changer or CD1 single player you can still use it with the adapter plugged in (there is a CD changer port on the control box of the Bluekit).  Main control box has a 1.5' cord that goes to radio CD port, 6.5' cord to Bluetooth button and 3.5' cord from Bluetooth button to microphone.  

The Custom Autosound CD Changer USA-CD60 is perfect for having multiple cd’s ready to listen on your long drives in your classic ride.

  • Operates from the buttons on the USA-5
  • USA-630, USA-66 and Secretaudio radios 
  • 1 Bit 8x times oversampling. Twin digital-to-Analog converter 3-Beam laser tracking
  • Disc select up/down. Track up/down
  • Anti-shock and vibration free design
  • Designed for horizontal, vertical or 45° installation 
  • Changer dimensions: 9¾" (W) X 2½" (H) X 6½" (D) 

Don’t you hate when you have a dead battery or that awful click of the starter and then nothing?  Then you need the Custom AutoSound Battery Lifesaver.  Battery Lifesaver utilizes advanced pulse technology to make sure you have optimum battery performance so you can count on your battery anytime you need it. The 1 G (gigahertz) pulse technology is the most advanced methodology available which can completely clean the corrosion from the plates inside the battery. 


  • Better performance by maintaining peak battery efficiency
  • Extend battery life dramatically (normally doubles warranty life), Saves money!
  • Avoid battery decay due to long storage times, no worrying  about startups!
  • Save electricity by increasing charge acceptance, Saves Money!
  • Recharge battery faster with better capacity
  • Help protect the environment by not discarding batteries prematurely, Mother Earth loves you!

The Fully Automatic Antenna with Switch Kit  can be a cool touch to your custom car.  It’s a universal fit with chrome masts. Each model is designed to work off the radio's power knob and can be used as a direct factory replacement or as an upgrade.


  • Under Fender Requirements: 11 1/2
  • Cable Length: 55"
  • Mast Length: 3

The Custom AutoSound iPod® Interface for Custom Autosound CD Controller Radios is a nice addition to your stereo system.  The iPod® interface for Custom Autosound CD controller radios ( USA-630 and USA-66  -units designed for CD changer) and it connects to: 8-PIN DIN at Headunit.


  • Compatible with iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod photo, and iPod video.
  • Power on automatic play function and power off automatic pause.
  • Automatic pause when switching to FM, AM, CD, or TAPE.
  • No battery required.
  • Keeps your iPod charged at all times.
  • Direct connection with CD-quality sound.
  • 1/8" stereo jack for other auxiliary input.
  • Use your head unit to change songs or fast forward and rewind.
  • Supports up to 9 play lists in "play list mode"

This adapter will give you the best possible sound from your iPod while playing through your car stereo.  Way better than cassettes or CD’s, you simply plug the iCAMKIT into the CD changer port on the back of your Custom Autosound radio and plug in your iPod. The unit will turn on, turn off and charge your iPod. Song selection is made with the CD control buttons on your Custom Autosound radio and includes playlist selection and random song selection. The iCAMKIT can be used with or without the Custom Autosound CD changer. If your iPod is not connected the iCAMKIT can still be used to input audio from an external device (satellite radio, portable CD, etc.) via the 1/8” stereo plug.

When you have an old car, you usually have a very cool and distinctive dash so you don’t want to mess it up with some big clunky cd player.  So the new Slim Size Half DIN CD/DVD-Player is right up your alley,  all the modern technology without all the ugliness of a huge player.

All control is from the buttons on your USA-630/USA66 or Secretaudio radio

•    Plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD audio/WMA/MP3
•    Small enough to hide under the seat or in glovebox 
•    ESP Electronic Shock Protection  
•    Repeat/ Program/Random/Intro Function
•    Multi-Angle Playback
•    Last Position Memory
•    Dimensions: 7"wide x 1" high x 6-3/4 deep

New car and truck headlights can get pretty dingy and can cause dimming light too.  So you need the Headlight Lens Restoration Kit KL-2.  The Headlight Lens Restoration Kit is a three-step process. No tools needed. No need to remove headlights.  You can do this in your driveway or parking lot.  It only takes 20 to 30 minutes, per pair, to restore.  Saving time is the name of the game but actually having the best auto detailing products will allow you to not only save time but achieve professional results. Your car is the second largest investment you will have and keeping it looking new will bring you joy as well as increase your car’s value and getting all of the light out of your headlights is very important. There are many factors that determine which auto detailing products are the best. First, make sure the products can be diluted. This lets you know you are dealing with a concentrated product that will have the strength to cut through the dirt and grime. This is the key to saving time, less work and achieving professional results. Finally , make sure the products that you are buying are used by professional detailers. Do not re-invent the wheel, you should learn from professionals. These are the guys that detail cars on a daily basis.