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Ken Harrison

The Chevrolet Corvair was one of those cars that got a bad rap before it could even get started. It was a completely unique design that America just wasn't ready for it. People just assumed that the engine should be in front and were just really weirded out by a rear engine car. The Corvair had a lot going for it. It had really nice curves and really appealed to the younger generation. The kids really got into the Corvair and everybody wanted one. It was sporty and different looking and that made it somewhat rebellious and every young kid wants to be able to do something that the older folks didn't do. But some good stories have a bad ending and the Chevrolet Corvair has just that. Some people said that the rear engine design made it hard to handle on the streets. They said that the Corvair was dangerous and once the Corvair got the bad reputation, there was no turning back. A good start ended far too early. Now looking back the Corvair wasn't as bad as everyone thought and if given a little time the Corvair could have been made into a classic but alas it wasn't. Now owners of the Corvair have reveled in its uniqueness and have breathed life into an old classic. But like so many classic cars before it the stock radio was not up to snuff. Now you want your Corvair to be better than it ever has right? So you need to get over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built with exacting standards and are built to ensure the highest quality which means a long life in your Corvair. So get to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio.