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Stereo Conversion Kits for Classic Cars

The modern car is alive and well. You tell it to do something and it does it. You can tell it to checkout where you are in the city and boom a map appears on a screen with your exact location. You can ask it what the weather is going to be like today and soon the forecast is appearing before you. You can tell you exactly what song you want to listen to and viola your favorite tune is blaring from you speakers. But the problem is your still driving a modern blob...err car. What if you really want to have those same basic features in your classic car? Don't think its possible? Think again mere mortal, the Aurora Designs Stereo Conversion BTU-1 Bluetooth/USB/MP3 adapter is here to save your life! It even has voice recognition technology! Now you can talk to your '57 Chevy, Mustang, Challenger or Nova and it will know what you're talking about! The Aurora Design company is the only one to offer a complete solution to your Bluetooth/USB/MP3 problem. The BTU-1 was designed to interface with the FMR-1 to be fully automatic but you can still use your original radio controls! So get yourself the Aurora Designs Stereo Conversion BTU-1 Bluetooth/USB/MP3 adapter now from Vintage Car Radio. AM radio was the bees knees as they use to say. The key phrase is 'use to'. People everywhere grew up listening to AM radio, on their little transistor radios, late at night, it was a great memory. The problem was that AM radio sounded awful. You could never get good reception and even if you did the sound never had any power or clarity. You had a tough time just hearing the music and most of the time you never heard the songs you wanted. So you have your classic car now and all you have is that stupid AM radio. What can you do? You pick up yourself an Aurora Designs Stereo Conversions FMC-1 Tuner from Vintage Car Radio. The Aurora Designs FMC-1 lets you convert any AM radio to receive FM stations and not only that it has provisions for an auxillary input for MP3 players, satellite radio, etc. Since you don't have to modify your original AM radio at all you won't lose any value. The FMC-1 is totally self contained and can be used in any power voltage from six to twelve volts. The FMC-1 is your one stop solution to your AM problem. Lets get this straight. The classic car radio sucks. I mean it really sucks. Actually if you really want to be nostalgic about your car then stick with the stock radio. But apparently you must like punishment. Why else would you subject yourself to the absolutely horrible sound of the AM radio. Really, what do you like about it, the lack of power or the fantastically crackly reception? I do know that you are attached to the classic look of it and the way it sits in your dashboard but why else would you have it that way? What if I told you that I have an answer to all your radio problems? The great folks at Vintage Car Radio can sell you the Aurora Designs Stereo Conversion FMR-1 AM/FM receiver. The FMR-1 replaces all of the electronics in the original radio so you get crystal clear digital sound. Working with sophisticated algorithms and a custom RealTimeOperatingSystem (RTOS), the FMR-1 will make your ears smile with enjoyment. Long gone are the days of not being able to pick up your favorite station. The FMR-1 is equipped with noise blankers that eliminate unwanted noise from ignition sources. The FMR-1 is your answer for sucky classic radios. Computers are everywhere. There in our homes, at our jobs, in our phones and now in our cars. They help doctors operate, they help workers build whatever it is they might be building, they control our lives like no time before us. One place they weren't was in our car radios. Which was sort of a good thing but the classic car radio needed help in any way it could get it. It was underpowered, the reception was terrible and no one thought it sounded good but it was as good as it was going to get. Thankfully someone wanted to change all that and they came up with the MP3 player. You could have as many songs as you want at the touch of your fingers but that didn't help the auto enthusiast. The good folks at Aurora Designs have come up with a simple yet effective answer to all your problems. The USB-1/MP3 Adapter allows you to use your USB flash drive or thumb drive and upload all your songs from your vast music catalog. That means no more listening to what the radio DJ's want you to, you can pick your own tunes! The USB-1 will also charge your phone, tablet or whatever. You need this now! So you're in your classic car and things are going great. The top is down and the sun is beating down on you, life is good. You reach down to listen to some tunes but all your stock radio gets is AM or FM and nobody is playing what you want to hear. You have your phone, tablet or other device but there isn't anyway you can hook it up. What are you going to do when you want your songs? You checkout the latest from Aurora Designs. The Aurora Designs BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter is exactly what you want in your classic car. The modern car audio system is something the designers of the classic car era could only hope to imagine. Not only is the sound unrivaled but the ease of use is astounding. So when you get an adapter to combine your original stereo with the ease of a bluetooth system you don't want some junk you buy at Wallyworld that will have cords hanging everywhere. The Aurora Designs BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter lets you control everything with the ease of the original radio. The blue LED will let tell you everything you need to know. So move over to Vintage Car Radio and get modernized with the Aurora Designs BT-1 Bluetooth adapter.