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Ken Harrison

General Motors had a few different manufacturers under its umbrella and they each covered a different genre of car. You had Cadillac at the top that served the classy luxury cars, Chevrolet which covered the all American type and you had Buick that seemed to cover everything in between. It had the high society feel of the Cadillac with the down to earth feel of Chevrolet. Buick built some of the classics of our time, with the ability to make an auto that could look good and run good. That was the nice thing about the Buick, you could drive it to work or take the kids to school and then on the weekend go for a cruise or better yet head to the track. Buick was legendary on the dragstrip or on the oval tracks of the nation. Powered by the nailhead the Buick's were tough to beat on and off the track. So your taking your Buick out for dinner, cruising down main street and you really want to listen to the radio but when you do, it just sounds terrible. The radio has no power, the signal is weak and the speakers just distort way too much. So what should you do? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the line-up from Ken Harrison. Ken Harrison builds some of the best radios for classic cars in the industry. The Ken Harrison radios are built to exacting standards and are built to fit directly into your Buick, which means there will be no cutting of your dash and that makes you happy and keeps the resale value of your Buick way up. Once its in, you won't believe how good it sounds, you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier. So take a look at Ken Harrison radios, you won't be sorry.