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The Dodge brand has been around for years and is revered throughout the world. You may as well use the name 'classic' when referring to Dodge. Dodge first started when cars were just making their mark on the world. Those were the days before big interstate highways and the roads were narrow and terrible. It was like going four-wheeling but in a car. Paved roads were few and far between so you had to have a burly dependable vehicle if you wanted to be able to get anywhere and Dodge did just that. They built tough, driver friendly cars that were easy on the wallet but long on ability. Then in the '60s Dodge (along with their sister company Plymouth) started building some monsters that roamed the streets and strips of the nation. Dodge started putting big engines into mid-sized cars which made for a dominant car. Dodge built the muscle car and we all thank them for it. So you’re cruising along listening to your big block Dodge or you're driving your big '50s Dodge and enjoying the day when you realize, as good as your Dodge is, your radio really isn't cutting it. It’s the one weak point in most classic Dodges but what can you do about it? Vintage Car Radio can make your Dodge what it really could be. They have all the knowledge and can help you make the installation go smoothly. They have all the top brands including Antique Automobile Radio, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. These are the top of the line radios and sound systems that will wake up your Dodge so it keeps going for years to come. So don't wait anymore, get to Vintage Car Radio and get your new sound system today.