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  • Custom AutoSound USA-630 for a Hudson

    Custom AutoSound USA-630 for a Hudson

    Custom AutoSound USA-630 for a Hudson   And you can do it  Many of the classic Hudson models look like old time gangster getaway cars and while you are not a gangster you can get away from it all as well. Leave the stress, the nagging, the...

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  • Custom AutoSound USA-230 for a Hudson

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 for a Hudson

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 for a Hudson Due to the great success of our USA-630 radio we now bring you the USA-230. This new model radio has the same cosmetics as the USA-630 which has been a huge success. If you don't need USB/MP3 or CD changer control...

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  • KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 25

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 25

    KHE-300-USB    The amazing KHE-300 vintage car radio is a powerful product that's manufactured specifically for classic Hudson vehicles. It's packed with numerous useful features in which it is equipped with. Such as, Bluetooth Wireless...

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The Hudson was an overlooked manufacturer that really shouldn't have been. They produced some spectacular cars over the years before they went under as did many car companies of the era. They built some big monster cars that were dreams to drive and could take a beating. Americas roads back in the day weren't made like they are today. There were no massive concrete highways, heck most roads still weren't even paid. A lot were still gravel and they were hell on your car so your automobile had to be built like a tank and Hudson knew that. This when cars were made of steel, real American steel so they could handle the rigors of rock and uneven roads. The Hudson could take whatever it is you through at it. Some racers took notice of it also and proceeded to make the Hudson Hornet a big time stock car. On the street or the track, the Hudson was a top performer. Now as good as the Hudson was, whether it was racing or driving cross country it could always be better. The Hudson was a beast and amazing to drive but the sound system left a lot to be desired. So what should you do? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and let them tell you about all your classic car radio needs. They have the know how to help you choose the best possible radio for your Hudson. They carry the best in the industry like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. All of these radios are built to the highest standards and install in no time at all. The sound quality is unsurpassed and you will not believe your ears. So get over to Vintage Car Radio and make your Hudson all it can be.