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German engineering is looked up to around the world. The best in the world work for one of the major companies in Germany. Mercedes is considered one of the top companies on earth. They've been at it for decades and have dominated every aspect of automotive design, not to mention kicking butt at racing also. When you think of top notch quality cars you think of Mercedes. They have the highest standards and make cars that most companies green with envy. Take a look around at most business CEO parking lots and you'll notice a lot of Mercedes. Take a look at any successful person and you are probably going to find a Mercedes. Not only do they exude classiness, they back it up with performance. They can handle with the best of them and proved it time and time again on the racecourse. This is also the same company that makes some of the most beautiful cars in the world. They know how to tie a line to another that can put on a smile of face of anyone. The Mercedes Company will always be on top.


Now the only way to make your vintage Mercedes better is to top it off with some killer tunes. Now you’re thinking, I don't want to ruin my classic with some cheap stereo. Well guess what, give a call to Custom Autosound and they can set you up with the perfect system. They have the best quality products and the highest standards in the industry. There radios fit the stock dash perfectly and you'll be amazed with how great the instructions are written. Your four year old could install this and still have time to watch cartoons. You cannot go wrong with a Custom Autosound system in your Mercedes. You'll be glad you did.