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When you drive an Olds Cutlass your driving something unique in a sea of Camaros and Chevelles. Their bulldog good looks and great lines made them a must have muscle car. The Oldsmobile Cutlass just had its own attitude. It always appeared to not give fudge what other people thought. It was going to go fast and you couldn't do a thing to stop it. The Cutlass came with some potent engines like the 350 and the legendary 442, which stood for four barrel carb, four-speed transmission and dual exhaust. You could find the Olds Cutlass all over the US at dragstrips and drive-ins. The Olds Cutlass was also available in convertible, wagon and sedan. It was one of the few cars of the era that could look good in any body style. The Oldsmobile was always a solidly built car that wouldn't let you down. The more you pushed it the better it responded. There was nothing better than cruising your Cutlass down Main Street, all eyes upon you. Nothing was cooler than the Olds Cutlass. A shining example of what a cool car should be.


As good as your classic ride looks, the sound system was lacking. Bad speakers and bad radios just ruined a classic ride. Sure in some of your rides you can listen to the hum or cackle of your engine but not everyone has a built up motor. Well guess what, the great people at Antique Automobile Radio