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The Pontiac Lemans is one of those cars that often get overlooked when it comes to the muscle car craze. No one is quite sure why but my best guess is its big brother the GTO. The GTO was flashier and had a better press agent but the Lemans just did its thing in a more quite fashion. It had all the looks without the 'hey look at me' graphics and had just about as many ponies under the hood. You could find just as many Pontiac Lemans' on the dragstrips and cruising circles as the GTO, if not more. The Pontiac Lemans came with the big block and the small block and both were quite potent packages and without all the 'hey someone look at me please' graphics of the GTO you could really sneak up on people. When you'd pull up next to someone in the Lemans they may glance over at you but you'd probably not even get a second look. Then when the light goes green and all they see is your taillights you're giggling all the way to the finish line or next flashing light. The best thing about the Lemans over the GTO was the fact that it was usually cheaper and to this day still is. So you get all the car at just a fraction of what you'd pay for the 'oh my god, please look at me' graphics.


But there is always a catch in life and the catch with the Pontiac Lemans, like so many of its muscle car buddies was a really crappy radio. Sure listening to the lope of the big block is way cool but sometimes you just want to relax and cruise and listen to some tunes and the stock radio wasn't any fun. But hey if you give a call to Custom Autosound they'll have just the right medicine for your ailing Lemans. They have radios and systems that literally bolt in to your stock dash. That means no cutting up your original dash which keeps your resale value up. Not to mention the superb sound you'll get, you can't go wrong with Custom Autosound.