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Slave Unit

Everyone loves their classic car. If they built it, they took their time over years, pouring hours and hours into it. Sweating over every little detail, making sure its the their car or truck of their dreams. They keep it up with the best parts so nothing could go wrong. If they bought it they take every precaution to keep it in top running condition. They put in the time to keep it clean and gorgeous. When it comes to radios they won't settle for just the stock radio or some cheap no name brand. They only use the best of the best. Their car is like a part of the family. When you're driving your classic the main view is your dashboard. The classic car dashboard is a thing of beauty. Its not built of plastic like the modern car nor is it molded to take all character away. The classic car dash is built the right way and it shows. So when you're thinking of adding a radio to it you don't want to hack it up or damage it in anyway. You want the natural looks shine through and nothing can kill it like a modern digital radio sticking its ugly face through. So what can you do? Vintage Car Radio has just the right answer for you. The Custom Autosound CD1 Single CD/MP3 1/2DIN Slave Unit is everything you need to make your classic car sound as good as it looks. Its sleek simple design lets you mount it anywhere. From under the dash to inside the glovebox the Custom Autosound CD1 Single CD/MP3 1/2DIN Slave Unit will fit anywhere and will sound unbelievable. You can play MP3, WAV or whatever file it is you need. Custom Autosound is the best in the business so you know you won't be let down. Get one today!