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Ken Harrison

Not every customized job 

Looks good when it is done. Mistakes were made, holes were cut too large and other issues tend to ruin the look of your dashboard as well as your car. What you are left with is something that would be best added to a wreck not a fine car like the Granada.

Vintage Car Radios to the rescue

That issue is why you turn to this company when you want to replace the stock or current radio in your Granada. Vintage Car radio employs the best Ken Harrison radio installers possible. their experts know how to install a Ken Harrison model without making those mistakes mentioned earlier.

Their experts know how to install this model of radio without modifying or cutting up your dashboard. That ability gives your car the same professional look it had before you brought it in to replace the radio.

There are benefits to using VCR

There is more to VCR than knowing how to install a radio without cutting up a dash or modifying it. The same experts at Vintage Car Radio who handle the installation also provide you with top Ken Harrison radios that have great features.

These radios work with Bluetooth connections, have great AM and FM reception as well as a nice selection of pre-set radio stations to choose from. Plus, those radios are attached to top powerful antennas that draw in those radio signals clearly.

Along with those features, these radios come with all the necessary ports and input/output options that allow you to fine-tune the sound you hear.

When you want a new radio

VCR is the outlet to go to. Their experts help match you to the perfect Ken Harrison model and make sure that radio is installed without ruining the look of your car’s interior.

Go with the best to get the best results.