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America was built on the highways and byways. People could go from one end of the nation to the other all on beautiful wide roads. You could load up the family and head out for weeks on end. You could take your camping gear and stop at one of the many sites across the US and spend some nights under the stars. Of course camping isn't all that its cracked up to be. First you're laying on the ground and no one said that the ground was comfortable. Your back was killing you the next day. The kids usually complained and the vacations was over before it began. Then someone at GM came up with the idea of building a bigger, better station wagon and the motorhome was born. The GMC motorhome was the ideal means of vacation travel for the new American family. It was basically taking a mini version of your home with you. You had a soft bed, AC or heat, gas stove and best of all you could get up and move if you didn't like the scenery. They were easy to drive and made the American vacation so much easier. Again, the GMC motorhome was a great thing for the nations family since it had everything including the toilet but lets be honest the one thing it was missing was a decent radio. When you have all the other bells and whistles you want to have a killer sound system. So what can you do? You get your butt over to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Custom Autosound radio! Custom Autosound produces the best radios in the classic car and truck marketplace. The sound is just unbelievable and the price is just right. So get yourself a Custom Autosound radio for your GMC motorhome today.