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The first vehicle someone drives is usually a car. Its simple math, there are more cars out there than trucks, so it goes to say that you're probably going to drive a car. That being said a lot of people grew up around trucks. Trucks have been growing in popularity for years, nearly equaling the car in sheer numbers. The question is what if you can't decide between a car or a truck? You like the ability of the car to haul around your friends and family but you can haul lumber or furniture in a truck. So what should you do? Get both and no I don't mean actually buy a car and a truck. Get a Ford Ranchero! The Ford Ranchero has been around since the '50s and actually is just a car with a bed molded into the back. So you actually get the best of the both worlds, the ride of a car with the bed to carry whatever it is you need. The Ranchero really caught on and became wildly popular. Ford managed to keep the lines together so it didn't look like a bed was just bolted on like an afterthought. They really flowed well and made a really nice ride and since it was built on the existing car platform it rode really well so it didn't feel like you were driving a truck since, well you weren't! You could take the Ranchero to the grocery store, the lumber yard or even a night on the town. It was the ultimate dual purpose vehicle. What could possibly make the Ranchero even better? A rocking sound system! Call Custom Autosound and they can set you up for everything you could need and more for your Ranchero. They the most up to date radios and speakers that money can buy. Custom Autosound can make your Ranchero the perfect vehicle.