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Ken Harrison

  • KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 43

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 43

    KHE-300-USB  KHE-300 Radio for a Pontiac Tempest: KHE-300 radio is one of, if not the finest vintage car radios on the market today that suits the Pontiac Tempest. This quality radio made by Ken Harrison has a classic look with a modern...

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The Pontiac Tempest was, simply put a great car. It came out in the early '60s when the auto industry was really getting going. The manufacturers were starting to put big engines in little cars and going really fast. When the auto makers got over the bigger is better craze of the '50s they started to downsize and attempted to become more economical. It worked out fine for awhile but soon people started get bored and thought hey if what would happen if we put all those huge powerplants into all those midsized cars? Guess what, it got really good. The Pontiac Tempest was one of those cars that saw good engines get stuck in its bellies. Soon you had way more power than you needed (if that's possible) and were having way more fun than you really should be allowed to have. The Pontiac Tempest was built primarily though as a simple transportation vehicle but it could really get out of its own way. You could go