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Ken Harrison

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo was on the bigger side of the average muscle car scene. It wasn't Cadillac huge but it was bigger than the Mustang or Camaro. The good thing about being a bigger size car was that it made more room for bigger engines. When you combined a big block Chevy engine in a Monte Carlo you had one hot car. The early Monte Carlo had a unique look that set it apart from the rest of the crowd. The bigger size also appealed to the family that wanted to have a cool, fast car but still wanted to be able to haul the kids around. Heck throw a hitch on it and you could haul camper or small boat to the lake. Add the big block and you could pull a small house if you needed to. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo was the king of the dual purpose hot rod. Easy enough to daily drive but hot enough to take to the strip. Having a cool muscle car to drive was a real treat. It made the daily grind that much easier to take. Listening to the sound of your engine was great but what happens if you'd like listen to some songs? The stock Monte Carlo radio just doesn't cut it at all. Its weak and terrible sounding. So what can youd do? Give a ring to Vintage Car Radio to checkout the great line of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios can give your Monte Carlo the kick in the butt in deserves. The build quality of Ken Harrison radios is outstanding. They are built to outlast your car and probably outlast you. You can pop them right out of the box and install them with minimal hassle. So get to Vintage Car Radio and pick up a Ken Harrison radio