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Ken Harrison

GMC trucks have been around for decades. They are built like a tank and drive like luxury vehicle. The world was built around the truck. When you need to move something, you get a truck. When someone is moving, you get a truck. When you need that couch you just bought you get a truck. When you have a pile of leaves that need to be moved, you get a truck. Need to plow the driveway, you get a truck. There is not a day that goes by that you don't need a truck. Sure some SUV's can haul some minor things around but when you need to haul the big things around, you need a truck. Business' use trucks everyday to haul produce, lumber, steel, etc. to wherever they need to go. The GMC truck is an icon among the automobile world. They were built using extremely heavy duty standards. When you wanted to use the big boy of the truck world you got yourself a GMC truck. Now working all day in your truck can be great or using your GMC truck to haul things around all day but sometimes you need some music to lighten the load. Of course you have the problem of the classic car radio. They were that great, the reception was terrible and there wasn't any power. So what can you do? You get to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the long line of Ken Harrison Radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to exacting standards so you know they will last a lifetime. The sound quality is amazing and the are so easy to install. Ken Harrison radios are some of the best in the business and you will not be disappointed. So get yourself to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio today.