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USB-2.8 USB/MP3 Adapter

  • USB-3.0 USB/MP3 Adapter

    USB-3.0 USB/MP3 Adapter

    Stereo Conversion USB-2.5 USB/MP3 Adapter   Just as with the new BTU-2.5 and BT-2.5, the new USB-2.5 brings a whole new level of functionality to your classic radio. Improvements from the USB-1 include:       • Voice...

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USB & MP3 Adapters for Classic Car Stereos

The modern world is a wondrous thing. Once upon a time the computer was this enormous thing that took up an entire room or even two. Now you have a more powerful computer processor in you phone! That's right you can now carry something that once weighed several tons and its even faster than before. It once took hours to cook dinner now with the microwave you can have a seven course meal in just minutes. There was a time when the only way to listen to music that you wanted to was to get your vinyl records out and give 'em a spin. The problem with that was you couldn't take them with you in your car or truck. Soon technology advanced and the eight track was born. Now you could take the music with you wherever you go. But it wasn't the greatest sounding medium. Then the cassette was birthed and the sound was better and the cassette was even smaller making it a better traveling idea. But technology moves on and the CD showed up on the market. Now you had beautiful sound and something even easier to store in the car. But it could get quite expensive buying all those CD's and you had to figure out which CD's you wanted to take with you and no matter which one you brought there was always one that you left at home. Well someone built something even better. Now with your phone or player you could store thousands upon thousands of songs or albums and take them anywhere with a USB drive. The USB drive or flash /thumb drive can be loaded up with songs, audios books, podcast's etc. and stored on your phone or media player and boom you don't have to worry about leaving anyone behind. Aurora Designs lets you use whatever storage device you want and easily plug and play with the USB-1 device. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.