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Ken Harrison

Way back in the early '70s America was building really big cars. I mean state size cars. Sure they could seat you and twenty of your closest friends but you also had to stop at every gas station, I mean every one. They could also pull house (or be a house) if need be but things on the horizon were looming big and it meant the death of the big car. The oil crisis hit everyone. You had to wait in line for hours at the gas pump and even then you weren't assured of there being any gas left when you got there. Prices went up and it was all a family could do to keep the family car going. Then came a company that figured out that maybe if the car didn't way four tons, you wouldn't need a huge by large engine to keep it going! Datsun came to America with small, affordable cars that didn't need thousands of dollars to keep running. Not only that they made some really sporty cars that not only were fun to drive they looked good doing it too. Soon all the American companies were following suit but Datsun really did it best. Now even though you were getting great mileage and had a fun to drive car something was still missing. A great radio. As with most classics the dreaded problem was a horrible sound system. You didn't have a big V8 to listen to so you really needed a great radio. So what can you do now? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout there long line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to exacting standards so you know you'll be getting a long life. Not only that they sound great and are easy to install. So get your Ken Harrison Radio now.