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Ken Harrison

The Chevrolet Nova is one of the muscle car era's greatest treasures. It started off as an economical commuter car but eventually the Chevrolet Nova got an adrenaline rush of small and big block Chevy engines. When you combined it with its easy to work with rear leaf spring suspension and lightweight construction you had a potent package. Many a Chevrolet Nova was seen all over the dragstrips of the nation in all of the possible different classes. From the slower stock classes' all the way up to big boys in Super Stock. A lot of the racing technology trickled down to the street where the average guy or gal could build up their Nova to take on any comers. The great thing about a Chevrolet muscle car was that parts for the engines, especially the small block, could be found anywhere and could be found really cheap. So it was quite simple to build some big horsepower and to go fast cheap. Long live the Nova. Going fast is fun but so is cruising and cruising can only be done with a great radio and the stock Chevrolet Nova radio is not a great radio. Lets be honest, it really is quite horrible. You had bad reception and the sound made you want hit your head against the