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When some people think of sports cars, they think Italy but the British have built some really fine machines themselves. You see more British sports cars on the road than any other country and most are from Triumph. There is nothing cooler than a little Triumph buzzing around a country road with the top down. The Triumphs were small cars with big hearts. But being small isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being small meant it was easier on parts and helped with performance. You could go fast into a turn and that little Triumph would just go where you put the wheel. Lighter weight meant less weight transfer and that meant quick response when the steering wheel was spun. Not only was the Triumph handling beast it also looked great. The long nose, short rear was a main stay in sports car looks. The cars just fit you well. Kind of like the cliché 'fits like a glove'. That's what the Triumph did. It was the whole package and they were fairly affordable too. There were thousands of movies made and when the movie called for a sports car, somebody came in with a Triumph. Seriously, next time you watch a movie look for the Triumph, it'll be there. The Triumph was/is an iconic car in every way. It was from a time before cars were controlled by computers and electronics. You could fix a car with a screw driver and you didn't need laptop to diagnose your problem. But even though the Triumph was a legend the radio had its problems. Thankfully Custom Autosound can fix any problem you have with the sound system. They can put you with a radio that has every modern convenience you could every want. They are easy to install and sound amazing. You won't go wrong with Custom Autosound.