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Ken Harrison

OK lets be honest now. You, your grandma, your grandpa, your mom, your dad, just about everyone you know has wanted or dreamed about owning or driving a Ferrari. Its like its born into people, the want, the desire to love Ferrari. Maybe its the sexy lines, the unique roar of the Ferrari engine or knowing that when you drove one you were driving automobile royalty. Ferrari is the king of the sports car. There really isn't another that's even close. Sure there is the Corvette or the Mustang but none of them can hold a candle to the Ferrari. The Ferrari has dominated on the road in every country that there are roads and dominated every track in every country that there are tracks. Seriously, what hasn't the Ferrari done? Want to go fast? The Ferrari can do that. Want a car that can handle? The Ferrari can do that. Want to just look good? The Ferrari can do that. The Ferrari is the king of the sports car. Now picture yourself cruising down the ocean side in your vintage Ferrari, it doesn't get much better with all that power at your foot and the knowing that no matter what kind of corner you get into your Ferrari will get you out of it with little to no effort. Now the Ferrari is almost perfect but what could make it better? Well the only downfall of the Ferrari, like many classic cars is the stock radio. So what can you do to make it even better? You get yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and have a look at the line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are built to exacting specifications with the best possible parts to make sure you have the best radio available to you.