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Ken Harrison

The Pontiac Catalina was considered a big luxury car. I mean big as in take your family, your neighbors family, heck even your neighbors neighbors family with and still have room for the family dog. So yes it was big but it was also beautiful. It had lines that really made things pop. It cruised with the best of anything any manufacturer had to offer. It didn't matter if it was Cadillac, Ford or whoever the Pontiac Catalina just out performed them in the highway miles. You could go from New York to California with stops anywhere between and just enjoy it so much you'd do it again and again. The Pontiac Catalina made a great family vehicle too. With so much room and such a great ride, you could take the family anywhere, anytime. It was such a dependable vehicle you never had to worry about it. The Pontiac Catalina was one great ride. The Pontiac Catalina was just such a great drive that you could forgive the not that great mileage or the fact that you had to take up two parking spaces just to get it to fit but there is one thing you could not forgive and that is the horrible stock radio. I mean it was a pain just to get a signal and when you did the radio was underpowered and the sound was just horrible. So what can you do now? You get yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and have a good look at the Ken Harrison line of sound systems. Ken Harrison's radios are among the top in the industry. They are built with only the best parts and are assembled with precision and care. So get to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio. You'll be glad you did.