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Ken Harrison

AMC or American Motor Corporation was one of the auto manufacturers that built some serious machines before going under. Keeping a business as big as an auto manufacturer going can be quite the undertaking so its understandable that so many big auto builders went under. AMC built cars like the Rambler, the Matador and so on, all with a unique style. When you saw an AMC you knew it right away. AMC always knew how to design a car that took styling cues from others but rolled up in its own original look. Not to mention AMC were know for its great dependability. You could drive an AMC for thousands of miles and never have a problem. You could also find AMC's on tracks all over the nation. They dominated in the Trans Am series with numerous wins and championships. They were the kings of win on Sunday, sell on Monday. Now even though the AMC family could tear up the track and cruise around town with perfection it still had its downfalls. Picture yourself in your Matador, heading down main street without a care in the world and you reach down to turn on some tunes and whats that you hear? Probably a signal that goes in and out and when it does come in, there is no power so you can hardly hear it and most of the time its just noise. So what should you do? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout the latest radios from Ken Harrison. Ken Harrison builds the greatest radios for your AMC. They use only the highest quality parts and designs that add up to a supreme sound. Not only that Ken Harrison radios install with no cutting of your dash and that means more time on the road and less in the garage. So buy Ken Harrison, you'll be glad you did.