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GMC Motorhome

Nobody said the family vacation would be easy. First off you have to deal with your kids. Its bad enough when you're trapped in your house with them, at least then you could move to another room to get away from them. In the station wagon or sedan they are literally right behind you. No matter where you are they come with you. That means you get to hear every scream, every yell, every 'get away from me' or 'she/he is touching me', and all at the great close up volume. Now imagine that for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Soon you'll be pulling your hair out and turning around. The car companies like GMC felt your pain. So they went to work to figure out what they could do about it. Not only did they want to design something that kept a buffer zone between you and your children they also realized that when you go to your destination you might go camping and camping can be just as bad as the drive itself. Putting up a tent is hell and then sleeping on the ground is so bad on your back, its yet another reason not to go on vacation. So what if you could combine the best of both worlds. The GMC motorhome lets you drive in peace and best of all the when you get to wherever you were going you can just pull out the bed and enjoy a nights peace. You have all the comforts of home like an oven, a fridge, a bathroom, everything to make your vacation a much better place. The GMC motorhome did have its drawbacks and one of those was the radio. It had no power and bad reception. So what can you do? You move on over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look all the radio options you have for your GMC motorhome. You'll be glad you did.