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Will fit most classic vehicles.

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So you’ve got a killer radio/cd player/Ipod/thingy, all your tunes are loaded up and ready to go, so now what?  You need speakers son!  Vintage Car Radio has all the speakers for your hot rod, truck or restored classic, from the best manufactures in the business like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison and Repro Radios.  Tell us what you drive and we have speakers for it; Chevy, Ford, Porsche, VW, Mopar, Pontiac, BMW, Volvo and the list goes on.

Custom Autosound is one of the leading manufactures in the business.  They specialize in classics and restored muscle cars. From their leading radios to their speakers, they have it all.  Their products are of the highest quality and are produced to leading industry standards.
Have an old Thunderbird?  Then you need to get their custom fitted panels that come loaded with 6"x9" three-way 200 watt speakers mounted in fit black carpeted panel. They fit in the recessed area behind seats, killer sound for a killer price.

How about that cool old Bug?  These speakers fit 1957-1977 Volkswagen in the rear package tray and come equipped with 2 Custom Autosound 6"X9" 200 Watt Speakers.

Need something more custom?  Than you can start with Custom Autosound 4"x10" Dual Voice Coil Speakers.  Since at least 2 speakers (channels) are required for stereo radios, Custom Autosound has developed a speaker system for your classic vehicle that only came with only one mono speaker. These dual voice coil "DVC" speakers will give you the best possible sound and mount in your original speaker location.  DVC speakers have up to 70% more cone area than the conventional dual speaker assemblies giving you improved bass response (big thumping sound) and 140 watt power handling. Both stereo channels connect directly to one speaker with dual tweeters. Custom Autosound have brackets that fit most classic vehicles.

4"x10" Dual Voice Coil Speaker

● Stereo Input to One Speaker
● 140 Watts Peak Power
● Dual Tweeters
● 4 Ohm Impedance
● Freq. Response 60hz - 20Khz

5"x7" Dual Voice Coil Speaker

● Stereo Input to One Speaker
● 140 Watts Peak Power
● Dual Tweeters
● 4 Ohm Impedance
● Freq. Response 70hz - 20Khz

6"x9" Dual Voice Coil Speaker

  • Stereo Input to One Speaker
  • 140 Watts Peak Power
  • Dual Tweeters
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • Freq. Response 67hz - 20Khz
  • Depth- 3-5/16" width 6-7/16" length 9-1/8"

Custom Autosound also has a product called the Backseat Driver (no not your mother-in-law).  It’s available for 64 1/2'-70' Mustangs, 55'- 57' Chevy and Camaro, Chevelle, and Impala models. Equipped with the Boss 400 watt amp and 2 - 8' subwoofers Panel with cables and wires for easy install.  It will also fit most classic vehicles.

They also have a dual dash speaker(s) that provide stereo sound from the factory mono speaker locations. There are 38 different configurations (seriously, you have to have one of them) available for most classic cars and trucks. The 1000 series speakers replace 'OEM' speakers that are held in place by screws. The 2000 series speakers replace 'OEM' speakers that are held in place by a metal bracket. These assemblies are pre-wired to 'plug in' instantly to our radios, so you really can’t screw it up.  You can choose from Custom Autosound speakers or try our Kenwood speaker upgrades.

Custom Autosound also has something called “The System” that solves the age old problem of where to put speakers in classics, customs and street rods.  Old cars don’t have a lot of room for speakers (because they never had them or if they did, only one).   “The System” allows you to keep the look of your dash but the good sound that we’ve come to expect from newer systems. Satellite speakers look like AC vents and can be mounted under the dash, or on the kick panels or wherever you’d like.  The options are endless. The woofer is optimally mounted under the seat (your butt will enjoy it) but can be mounted in the trunk if needed.  Want more?  Who doesn’t?  You can also install 2 of “The System” in your vehicle for the ultimate sound experience.

Two Choices! Amplified (The System 1) or Passive (The System 3)

System 1 - Amplified
Flat active aluminum sub-woofer enclosure with 8” woofer plus 2-channel amplifier. Two 3” mid-tweeter satellite speakers in die cast metal housings. RCA or speaker level input (2 channel). Built in adjustments include separate gain control for 2 channel amp and sub-woofer, high pass filter for satellites, subsonic filter bass boost and low pass filter for the sub-woofer. Has auto power on if using speaker level inputs. Amplifier installation kit included.

Amplifier power: 150 watt sub-woofer / 2x50 watt mid / tweeter.
Technical Specifications

  • Type: Flat active sub woofer enclosure (8") + 2-channel amplifier
  • Sub-woofer power: 150W max / 75 RMS
  • Sub-woofer frequency response: 45Hz -150Hz
  • 2-channel amplifier power: 2 x 50W / x25W RMS
  • 2-channel amplifier frequency response: 55Hz-55Khz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Cable power: Directly from battery
  • Fuse: 30 amp
  • SNR > 80dBa - THD < 0.8%


  • Sub-woofer enclosure - 2.8” x 13.5” x 9.8”
  • Satellite Speakers - 3.2” x 3.75

Ken Harrison is one of the nicest audio system producers for the classic car market in the world.  If you need a solution, they have it.  Top quality and unbeatable prices make Ken Harrison the top of the line for your classic ride.

Ken Harrison has the solution for your need for speakers that are dual voice coil and dual speakers that fit original openings. They have one for almost every Classic car out there.
5X7 Dual Voice Coil Speaker
4X10 Dual Voice Coil Speaker
6X9 Dual Voice Coil Speaker

Repro Radios do what the name suggests, awesome radios and speakers for your old car or truck.  Exacting standards go into every product.  Nothing but the best for your baby.

Got an old trusty 1947-53 Chevrolet truck and GMC truck?  Then Repro Radios has the product for you!  They have a speaker kit that mounts in original location using existing mounting holes! It includes dash wiring harness for radio lights, power, and up to 2 additional speakers!  It puts two 5x7" quality 3-way speakers in the same opening as the original single 6x9" speaker!  All installation hardware and instructions included so you can get major sound in that old truck.