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Everyone knows Chevrolet, Ford, etc. but Buick always seems to get forgotten. It’s not that Buick wasn't a good brand it just didn't have the zing of the bigger brands. Sometimes people go for the sexy instead of looking deeper and finding out what really makes the brand tick. Buick has been around forever building some of the coolest and most dependable cars around. Powered by everything from the straight eight to the killer nailhead, Buick always had what it took under the hood. To match that Buick also had the looks and lines that made them big sellers. They had all the chrome and smooth edges that the public wanted. The Skylark came out in the early '50s powered by the nailhead engine that would go on to become one of the most potent powerplants in drag racing. Many a dragster had the nailhead between the rails and set the records they did. The Skylark of the '50s also was prime material for the custom car brigade. It didn't take much to smooth out the bumps of the Skylark to make it a down right killer car for the street crowd. The Buick designers knew what they were doing and it showed right off the showroom floor. It was one of the first cars from the factory to be considered an 'almost' custom. Of course as the Skylark aged it became more of muscle car. The nailhead was replaced by the more conventional V8 but it still made the power. Many an unsuspecting driver was caught off guard by the Skylarks docile looks. But every ride, no matter the manufacturer could always use an upgrade. Heck even the Mona Lisa could have used a better haircut and so goes the Skylark. The stock radio was just pathetic. But not to fear dear readers, Custom Autosound can make the Skylark thump with the best of them. They have all the modern radios for your classic Skylark.