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Ken Harrison

Some car names just scream certain styles of cars. Alfa Romeo just yells in your face, I am a sports machine and you can do nothing about it. Alfa Romeo has a long list of excellently built, great handling sports cars. Whatever color you want, it doesn't matter all Alfa Romeos were just killer sports machines. You could find them wherever someone wanted the top of the line in craftsmanship and pride. Alfa Romeos were the type of car that struck fear in the heart of its competitors on the track. It dominated road courses all around the world, racking up championship after championship. It was a superior handling machine whether it was on the road or on the track. When you were on the road you were seen as someone who knew what they wanted and knew how to get it. The sports car is something that is unique among the autoworld, it not only looks good, it backs it up with performance. So now that you own an Alfa Romeo you seemingly have everything you could possibly need. You have a great handling, great looking sports car. You can take it to the track or just cruise the local highways and byways of your local area but what is it missing? It has great power, so that's not it, it handles great, so that's not it, so what is it? Its your radio! Classic cars, no matter what the year or the make have some really bad radios. I mean really bad. So what should you do? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and have a look at the Ken Harrison line of stereos for your Alfa romeo. Ken Harrison only uses the highest quality components that mean only the highest quality stereo. You can't go wrong with a Ken Harrison radio.