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Ken Harrison

Sometimes its easy to see class in a car even when you just hear the manufacturer. One of those times is Cadillac. Cadillac has been the jewel in the General Motors lineup for decades. One someone says Cadillac you know that what your going to see is something with classiness and poise. The Cadillac is always top of the line in looks, handling and build. When someone says they have a Cadillac you tend to think a bit more of them, the way you look at them is different. You know that maybe they have life figured out a bit more. Cadillac was always about luxury and style but no a lot of people know that the Cadillac also had power. In the '50s they had to have some grunt behind it just to be able to move two to three ton vehicle around. When you bought a Cadillac you know you were making a great life choice. Driving in a Cadillac was like nothing else in this world. The way the seat fit you, the way the steering wheel felt in your hand, the way it just floated down the road, it was like a dream. But there was one thing that didn't go so right in the classic Cadillacs and that was the stock radio. When you have a Cadillac you want the best in everything and that includes the sound system and the stock radio just doesn't cut it anymore. So what can you do? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and have a look at the Ken Harrison line of radios. Ken Harrison radios use only the highest quality components and build them to exacting standards so when you install one you know its going to last for years. So get over to Vintage Car Radio now and give your Cadillac what it deserves.