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  • BTU-3.0 Bluetooth/USB/MP3 Adapter

    BTU-3.0 Bluetooth/USB/MP3 Adapter

    The unbelievable new BTU-2.5! The original BTU-1 took the classic car hobby by storm! Never before had so many advanced features been packed into an original radio. Bluetooth audio, hands free phone, USB audio playback, USB charging, Voice Command.....

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Driving a classic car or truck is not like driving a modern vehicle. Usually you didn't have power steering or power brakes. Classic cars were very basic automobiles. They didn't exactly hug the road with the bias-ply tire and fairly loose steering. The interior was basically in the same boat. The heat put of a sort of warming effect and the sound system was basically an ancient tool. It kind of sounded like a bad broadcast signal. What I'm trying to say that if you enjoy the ease of the modern car the classic car might be a bit clunky. Aurora Designs Stereo Conversion BTU-1 Bluetooth/USB/MP3 Adapter can take the classic car radio and make it more modern. It doesn't need any adapters or other stupid things that will get all tangled up. The BTU-1 has a fully integrated Bluetooth/USB/MP3 solution that will bring your classic car up to the new century. The great thing about the BTU-1 is that it uses the original radio controls and that means keeping your beautiful dash in one piece. The BTU-1 interfaces with your original radio with no problems at all. It also means you don't have to go buy some second rate stereo from the local stop and shop. Now even though you now have the modern sounding radio sometimes you don't want to hear what the local station wants to play. So what can you do about that? The BTU-1 lets you use a USB flashdrive or from your Bluetooth device. No more can't find a good song so I might as well turn it off days. You can listen to all your favorite songs, anytime, anywhere. The BTU-1 also lets you place the microphone anywhere you want it to be so your hands free operation is easy as pie. The Aurora BTU-1 Bluetooth/USB/MP3 adapter is the perfect solution to your classic car radio needs.