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Ken Harrison

Not many people remember the AMC company. It came and went in a flash in automobile time but it produced some really fine cars. One of those was the AMC Rambler. The Rambler was a car that went unnoticed in some circles but the people who did take notice were really in for a treat. The Rambler's midsize build did wonders for its ability to handle every corner but wasn't so small that it was uncomfortable. It had plenty of power under the hood and could actually power down the road or track with remarkable ease. It also was family friendly so that meant you could actually use it as a daily driver which some more high performance oriented cars couldn't. Some muscle car types were too sketchy for daily use but the Rambler was comfortable and easy to drive. It was also dependable which mean that you could take it on a long trip and not worry about making it home and you could it in style with the great lines of an AMC Rambler. Now picture yourself driving in your AMC Rambler and you have the kids and the significant other and you know how things go on family trips. Soon someone will start arguing with someone else and the headaches begin. So you think, I'll turn on the radio on and you'll be good to go but then you actually turn the radio on and guess what, it sounds awful. You would actually prefer to listen to the family fight. So what can you do? You move yourself over to Vintage Car Radio and take a look at the great line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison radios are second to none when it comes to modern radio design for your classic car. Trust me your Rambler will thank you for it.