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CD Changers for Classic Cars

Driving your classic car is one of the great things you can in life. Sure a modern car can do everything a classic car can, even some things better but its just not the same. New cars make you feel like your shut off from the driving experience. Everything is computer controlled, its not going to be much longer and the car will be driving itself. How much fun will that be? The classic car had character and soul which the modern blob, er car just doesn't have. Park a classic car in a parking lot and you'll be able to notice a huge change in car design. Now lets be honest some things on modern cars are pretty cool. Intermittent wipers are awesome in light rain and the modern heating and air conditioning systems are worlds above the classic cars. You can actually feel heat in a modern car as apposed to sorta feeling it in the classic. Another thing the modern car has over the classic is the stereo system. The classic car radio is just plain awful. It didn't actually pick up radio stations as much as gave vague reference to a them. If you did get lucky enough to hear something, it sounded like stale bread. Of course you had to listen to only what the radios stations were playing. How terrible was that? What if you didn't like those specific songs? The modern radio system has an answer for all that. Its called the CD player. You can pick any tune you want at any time! Want to listen to classic rock at three in the morning? Pop in a CD and go for it. Want to listen to some blues at four in the afternoon? Load up a CD and enjoy yourself. But what if you don't want to keep changing CD's all the time? Well do I have news for you...the CD changer! Now you can have multiple CD's loaded up at all time. You can have rock, blues, classical, etc all ready to go at the touch of a button. No more driving down the street and ejecting a CD and then trying to put it back in the case without driving off the road. Then you have the hassle of taking the new CD out and putting it in the player, again without driving off the road and crashing. Another the cool thing about the CD changer is that you can mount the unit anywhere in the car, the trunk, under the dash, under the seat, wherever there is room. That gives you the option of keeping the dash of your classic nice and clean because the classic car dash is something of beauty. Vintage Car Radio is your one stop shop for the best CD changers in the industry. They sell only the best of the best, including all the great ones from Custom Autosound like the Custom AutoSound CD1 Single CD/MP3 1/2DIN Slave Unit. There is no place better than Vintage Car Radio.