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  • Custom Autosound USA-740 IN DASH AM/FM for MGB

    Custom Autosound USA-740 IN DASH AM/FM for MGB

    The MGB has a presence that speaks on itself when it comes to this kind of classic car. It’s not another one on the long list of urban vehicles. It clearly represents rebellion from its most appealing aspect like the timeless tunes that comes from...

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  • Custom AutoSound USA-630 In Dash AM/FM 93

    Custom AutoSound USA-630 In Dash AM/FM 93

      A car owner should have a plan that will focus on entertainment. USA-630 is an ideal radio for your vehicle. The USA-630 for classic Caprice is available in the market sold by Vintage Car Radio. It is essential for an individual having a...

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  • Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM 27

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM 27

    Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM   Due to the great success of our USA-630 radio we now bring you the USA-230. This new model radio has the same cosmetics as the USA-630 which has been a huge success. If you don't need USB/MP3 or CD...

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  • KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 35

    KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 35

    KHE-300-USB    A classic car deserves a classic radio, so treat your MGB to the one and only Ken Harrison KHE-300. This beautifully designed radio is custom made for your dash for a perfect fit. With an elegant look and a superior sound...

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The MGB is an iconic sports car. When people think of the British sports car they think of the MGB. The MGB is a great handling, great driving car. Its about the size the average bathroom but it makes up for it in sheer fun. You've never seen someone driving an MGB and not smiling. Its just not possible. You drive an MGB and instantly the world is a better place. All your worries disappear when your behind the wheel of an MGB. The MGB was a great handling sports car. It felt like you were part of the car when you went driving hard into a corner. You knew the MGB was going to turn on a dime and leave you five cents change. There wasn't much better than trying to push your limits with your MGB and usually the MGB was more than up to the task. So your enjoying your day in your MGB, the sun is shining, nary a cloud in the sky and the engine is purring right a long. Life really couldn't get better but then you reach down to turn on the radio and all you get back is static and distortion. Now your bummed and have no idea what to do. Well let me tell you, you can have your cake and eat it too if you get over to Vintage Car Radio. They carry all the latest and greatest stereos that you can get for your MGB. Vintage Car Radio knows the best of best so they sell only the top manufacturers like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, ReiRad and Stereo Conversion. These radios are built specifically for your MGB so they install in no time which means you get back on the road instead of working in the garage. Get to Vintage Car Radio now!