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The Ford Galaxie was one of the most popular cars of the late '50s and early '60s. They were big but no too big. They were also classy and a blast to drive. The Ford Galaxie surprised a lot of would be racers with their big block power. You could find the Ford Galaxie on many a late night street corner waiting to pounce on the hot car of the neighborhood. You wouldn't think of such a big car could go so fast but you'd be surprised. The fastest of the Ford Galaxies came straight from the factory and were called lightweights. The lightweight Galaxies had aluminum front ends and were tweaked till they dominated the stock classes on dragstrips around the country. Hundreds of racers took home trophies and set national records with their big old Galaxies but of course the Galaxie was found in the garages and driveways of every city. They came in two doors and four doors and were great for the big family. They were roomy and easy to drive.


But as you know old cars had style and character but their radios, well sucked. They were low on power and could barely pick up the local radio station. So what to do? Live with the noise and weak signal? No!!! Get a hold of Custom Autosound and take a look at their large line of radio systems. Custom Autosound has toiled over their products and won't let anything go to market before its ready. That means you get a high quality system that you know will last the life of your car and not only that the installation couldn't be easier. The Custom Autosound radio fits right in your stock dash with no cutting or filing of anything. So that means it goes in easier and gets you on the road faster.