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Do you realize how big the average Hudson was? They were the size of a bus! Seriously though the Hudson created some of the most unique vehicles in its time. They were built when cars were built right. They were simple and safe. These were times when cars were built with metal, not plastic and rubber. Metal in new cars are so thin, if you lean against it your liable to crush the fender! Now with a Hudson you could drive a tractor trailer into the side of it and the tractor trailer would feel the brunt of it. The great things about the Hudson and the cars of its like is that everything was roomy and easy to work on. You didn't have to have an electrical degree or have to stand on your head to work on it. These cars were built to be driven, whether it’s on the highway or around town, the Hudson put a smile on your face. Not only did the Hudson excel on the road it really kicked butt on the track too. The Hudson was one extremely fast car, even for its size. It dominated the short tracks and won its fair share of races across the country.


But let’s be serious, the Hudson didn't exactly have the greatest stereos. They were finicky and so under powered you could barely hear the local station. So what should a Hudson owner do? Get a hold of the fine folks at Custom Autosound. They have some of the most high quality radio systems you can get anywhere. Not only does it come with all of the doo-dads that the modern radio has it installs in a breeze. There is no cutting or grinding of the dash so it installs in minutes. You won't find a better radio than a Custom Autosound radio.