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When someone says muscle car a lot of people think Camaro, not a lot of people think Firebird but if you say Trans Am people get excited. I'm not sure when that happened but when the Firebird debuted in 1967 it got overshadowed by the Camaro for whatever reason. They both got the same basic parts and basically looked the same so why the Camaro? I have no idea but the instant Pontiac put that big firechicken on the hood and called it a Trans Am it really took off. What a big fire breathing bird had to do with the name Trans Am is beyond me but it sure did look cool and of course the Trans Am got all the best parts to match the looks. The Trans Am was found on tracks everywhere, drag and road courses alike but Main Street was where the Trans Am shined. If you were seen cruising in a Trans Am you were cool. You didn't have to do anything; you were cool for just being in a Trans Am. The special honeycomb wheels and the killer graphics made for one mean machine. Even during the '70s when some of the muscle cars got deleted down to just a name plate and nothing much else, the Trans Am stood tall. It always seemed to have something extra, whether it was a look or when the turbo was added, the Trans Am was just cool. Then it happened. A movie called Smokey and the Bandit took the world by storm and its main star was, what else a Trans Am. It was black with gold highlights, one being the big old firechicken screaming on the hood and it was jumped, slid, crashed and just plain beaten to within an inch of its life but it kept come back for more. Now add a Custom Autosound stereo to your Trans Am and you've got a one unbeatable combination.