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Ken Harrison

The Chevrolet Caprice was one of those cars that slipped through the cracks of time but shouldn't have. It came about in a time when cars were finally starting to get smaller but not too small. The Chevrolet Caprice was still quite the tugboat but the lines were eased up a bit and the chrome craze of the '50s was finally over so you got more of the essence of the car. Kind of like too much make-up on a person, you really can't see the true person so you get the chrome off a car and you can see the true car. The Caprice could haul the mail as well. The Caprice powered by a small block was a decent performer but the big block was quite the bruiser. Many an unsuspecting Camaro or Mustang was taken to town by a big block Caprice. It was a cruiser, a family car and sometimes a drag performer. Now even though the Chevrolet Caprice was a great car in so many ways and was always dependable, like every classic car it could use some help in some departments, mainly the radio system. It was underpowered, unable to get a good signal and just an overall bad sounding system. So what should you do? You head over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout there long line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison uses the best quality parts in their sound systems. They make sure each radio is built to exacting specifications so when you buy a Ken Harrison radio you know you're getting the best of the best. Ken Harrison radios are built specifically for your Chevrolet Caprice so when you go to install them, you know they'll fit the first time. Which means you can get back out on the radio instead of the working in the garage.