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Everyone knows all the classic muscle cars of the '60s, like the Camaro, the Mustang, the Chevelle but one name stands above them all, Dodge. From the Charger to the Roadrunner to the Challenger to the Dart, Dodge had all the goods. They were powered by everything from the hi-revving 340 to the legendary 426 Hemi. Their looks just screamed don't mess with me. While some manufactures went with graceful lines and smooth looks, Dodge went with rugged edges and attitude. They came with bright gaudy colors and names like the Swinger, Super Bee and Daytona. Every stock class in drag racing had hundreds of Dodges setting records and taking wins. Heck, even NASCAR outlawed the Hemi because it dominated. Dodges were feared on the street too. They were the bad boys of t