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Vintage Radios

Tell me you don’t dream of driving your old car or truck with the windows down radio blasting your favorite tune on cd or streaming from you Ipod. But wait, all you have is the original AM radio or even worse, no radio at all? What would you do???? You’d head over to!
Vintage Car Radio is proud to carry the top of line radios for your vintage ride. You can choose from models that replicate the original or add some pizazz to your interior with the latest in digital hi-fi radio. We carry something for every model from Chevy to Ford to Fiat to Mopar to Jaguar to Mercedes Benz to any car or truck you can think of. If it rolls we have the radio for it!
Vintage Car Radio is proud to offer Custom Autosound classic car radios. Custom Autosound has been in business since 1977 and is the original classic car radio manufacturer. Vintage Car Radio is one of the biggest Custom Autosound dealers around. Custom Autosound manufactures three different in-dash, replacement radios for everything from VW to MGB to Porsche. The three models are the USA-230, the USA-1, and the USA-630.
*The Custom Autosound USA-230 is an AM/FM radio that has an auxiliary input that allows you to play any device such as an Ipod or something similar that has a headphone jack, through the speakers of your car or truck.
*The USA-1 is an AM/FM cassette radio is the only option if you want to dust off your old cassettes. And you know you still have some lying around the house.
*The latest product in the Custom Autosound line is the USA-630 that features AM/FM radio, an auxiliary input, a USB port, a CD Changer controller, a direct iPod connection, and it also has the ability to add the BluKit Bluetooth module and if you’re about power, the USA-630 has 300 watts of power and produces 45W x 4 RMS.
Vintage Car Radio is also a proud to carry the full line of Ken Harrison radios. Ken Harrison offers the highest quality car audio and stereos for you hot rod or restore classic. Ken Harrison offers products with competitive prices and easy to install radios specializing in Corvettes and Mustangs but Ken Harrison also carries brand name radios that will fit everything from Edsel to El Camino to Espirt without having to hack your dash into a ugly mess. Ken Harrison is one of the best manufactures of radios for your classic ride.
Out of Sight Audio offers several unique products that allows you that doesn’t even require your old radio to even be in working order or better yet, you don’t even need a radio at all! You can control it with your smart phone, tablet or MP3 player. No modifications to your cool old dash. Out of Sight Audio offers three killer products in their line, the Mark I, the Mark II and the Mark III.
The Mark I:
6-24 VDC required power
Bluetooth receiver
2 Channel Stereo Output (2 x 75 watts)
4-8 Ohm impedance
2 channel switched input
For use with positive or negative earth systems
See Mark 1 schematics for specific applications
Dimensions: 5.55” x 3.8” x 1.25” (13oz.)
Color coded wire connections
External fuse
Patent Pending
12-24 VDC required power Bluetooth receiver 4 Channel stereo output (4 x 75 watts) 4 - 8 Ohm Impedance 4 Channel switched input For use with positive or negative earth systems No radio needed for operation Dimensions : 5.55" x 3.8" x 1.25" (14 oz.) Removable plug with screw terminal connector Patent Pending
12-24 VDC required power
Bluetooth receiver
4 Channel stereo output (4 x 75 watts)
2 RCA Pre-amp outputs
4 - 8 Ohm Speaker Impedance
4 Channel switched inputs
2 RCA switched inputs
For use with positive or negative earth systems
Dimensions: 5.55" x 3.8" x 1.25" (14 oz.)
Removable plug with screw terminal connector
Patent Pending

RediRad is one of the leading manufacturers of radio adapters! RediRad radio adapter lets you use almost any portable device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, through your radio/stereo system, in any vehicle, car or truck or boat or RV or even in your home! All Android, Smart Phone, Tablet, iPod, iPad, iTouch, iPhone, MP-3, Walkman, CD, and Sirius/XM satellite radio units are RediRad compatible.
RediRad benefits include:
Easy Installation
Very small size.
Zero Broadcast-Radio Interference
You don’t even have to remove your radio!
Almost all device compatibility
RediRAd has excellent Customer Service including a TWO-YEAR warranty. RediRad is manufactured in the great old USA, so you know the product is of great quality. Tired of those clunky cassette deck adapters? Sick of wireless modulators that plug into the lighter? Then take a look at the RediRad. It works seamlessly with AM only or AM/FM radios. Then enjoy clear rocking tunes in your beautiful ride.
Say hello to the RediRad™, a reliable auxiliary-input solution for any vehicle or home radio. Say goodbye to cassette-deck adapters and inferior wireless modulators that plug in to the lighter socket. Save hundreds of dollars compared to either a radio ‘conversion' or a total system replacement.

Stereo Conversion BT-1 Bluetooth Adapter
Aurora Design is the only fully integrated Bluetooth answer for your classic car or truck! Cheap knockoffs are a dime a dozen and that’s about what their worth. Aurora Design is the only full integrated unit with unrivaled features. The BT-1 was built from the ground floor to fully integrate with AM/FM radios while offering performance that the little guy knock offs just can’t compete with. When using the Bluetooth, the radio mutes when a call comes in so you don’t have to switch back and forth between the radio and Bluetooth. You can place the microphone anywhere on the BT-1 for your best performan