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FMR-3.0 AM/FM Receiver

  • FMR-3.0 AM/FM Receiver

    FMR-3.0 AM/FM Receiver

    Introducing the FMR-3.0!     Voice Assist HD is now standard on all FMR 3.0 radios! The radio will speak in clear English all basic operations such as “Balance Adjust”, “Scanning for Stations”, “WXYZ FM...

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The classic car radio was at the time something to behold. People couldn't believe that you could pick up radio stations in your car instead of just your house. You could listen to music or talk shows while you drove to work or took the kids to school. Technology was just beginning to take hold in every aspect of life and especially the automobile. Cars and trucks started to get nicer riding suspension, more comfortable seats and better running engines but sadly the radio lagged far behind. Now cars have power everything, windows, seats, doors; heck even cars are no able to park themselves. People are use to the ease of how everything works now, so when they go back and drive their classic car or truck its just not the same. The radio is the biggest offender. Its so ancient you expect King Tut to be in the operating manual. Aurora Designs has brought the classic car radio into the new century with its FMR-1 AM/FM Receiver. Through the use of far too hard to imagine complex math equations and a custom Real Time Operating System or RTOS, the FMR-1 offers high levels of both features and performance. The FMR-1 works with any classic car tuner (inductive, capacitive and resistive). The FMR-1 offers the smoothest and the most precise tuning that rivals the best analog tuners available. Installation time is si short you'll have more time to cruise since the FMR-1 adapts to just about any radio ever made from the 1930’s thru the 1980’s. Not only is the FMR-1 AM/FM receiver able to tune into any station in the galaxy it also has power that the average classic car never had. It is powered by a 4 x 45 digital amplifier. So you get power and tone. There isn't any reason not to get yourself a FMR-1 AM/FM receiver.