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When someone thinks of the stereotypical British sports car they think of the MGB. It’s really small, not Mini small but pretty cramped for anyone of 'average' size. The MGB has a lot going for it. Its small size meant that it didn't take much horsepower to get it moving down the road. Less weight means more horsepower so to speak. That is why the fastest cars on the track are usually the lightest weight. Picture your average top fuel dragster, it’s basically a frame, big tires and a really big engine, which means it’s really light! Are you getting the picture? Also the light weight of the MGB means that it can corner like a go kart, which it’s not much bigger than. You could throw the MGB into a turn and it will stick like glue. Scratch the go kart reference, picture a driveable slot car. The MGB will take to the road or track and hug the slot just like its little brother, except you get to go pick up your significant other and tool around the city or country. There really isn't a better experience than having the top down on a warm summer night listening to the motor hum and the breeze hitting your face. You can just drift off into another world, your cares long behind you while you take turn after turn like your slot car buddy.


But what could make this beautiful scene better? A killer sound system from Custom Autosound for your MGB! Custom Autosound can transform your stock radio and make it the envy of your entire family. They supply only the best quality products for your MGB. They are simple to install with easy to read instructions and the sound is just amazing. You will not find a better system for the money.