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Buick Roadmaster

The Buick Roadmaster was the big boy of the Buick family. The Roadmaster was built on the longest frame that wasn't a limo, so it was really quite big. I mean when you’re measured against a limo, you know you’re talking one big automobile. The Buick Roadmaster shared some of its platform with its sister Cadillac so you know it was a luxury car at its finest. The long wheelbase meant for a really smooth ride, some said it was like riding on air. The Buick Roadmaster was quite the load so it had to have a torque monster to pull it around. It started with the big straight eight that weighed a ton but could push the Roadmaster around like it was nothing. Eventually the Roadmaster got the legendary nailhead V8. It was smaller in size but even better at horsepower and torque. The Buick Roadmaster inside was just as nice as it was outside. This is the era that chrome was king and gadgets were everywhere. No matter what the year, the Buick Roadmaster reigned supreme in the luxury car wars.

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