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Ken Harrison

Pontiac was known around the world as a great auto builder. They built everything from the classy car to the workers car to the family and everything in between. Not only did they build a variety but they built them strong and built them to last a lifetime. Everything was possible with a Pontiac. Take the kids to school? Sure. Get yourself to work? Sure. Go on a road trip? Do it! Pontiac had the advantage of being a member of the General Motors corporation. That meant they access to tons of technology that worked through Chevrolet, Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Buick. More heads thinking of good things the better. It simply helped Pontiac build better cars faster and safer, which was great for you. Pontiac excelled at many different racing forms like road course, endurance and drag. They had big engines that were only matched in there prowess by the spectacular ride. Stylish and powerful, that was Pontiac. Even though Pontiac was proficient in many ways, they still had their problems that led to their demise. One of which was the classic car stereo. Just like many other manufacturers Pontiac had their problems with the advent of the radio. Sure it worked and sure you could hear your favorite song but lets be honest it sounded horrible. Even the aftermarket radios of the time didn't sound much better. So what can you do now? You get your radio needing butt over to Vintage Car Radio and get a hold of a Ken Harrison radio. You haven't heard music properly until you've heard it through a Ken Harrison radio. Ken Harrison radios are built with the latest tech and the sound will simply amaze you. You'll think the band is in the car with you! So don't delay and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio today!